Real Life Mach 5!


Red Stripe Photography

Anyone growing up in the 80’s knows … Saturday morning cartoon were like the best thing ever!  I would wake up at 6am on Saturday morning, walk to the kitchen and grab a bowl, pour my milk and then I get to decide which cereal would taste best in my belly that morning.  It was almost always Coco Pebbles my favorite, because when you’re done eating cereal you had a bowl of chocolate milk.  How awesome is that!   Once I got my breakfast I’d sit in my spot on the sofa, flip on the telly and Saturday morning cartoons were on…instant heaven for a kid.
Some of my all-time favorites were Voltron, He-man, Thunder Cats, GI Joe and Speed Racer. If you grew up in the 80’s you definitely know the cartoons I’ve just listed and now you’re probably thinking of your own favorite shows, am I right?  
Speed Racer…

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