Ford Mustang not a true 5.0? The hoax is up!!


The hoax is up!! Did you know that since the Mustangs debut in 1968, Ford’s 302-cubic-inch engine has always displaced 4942 cubic centimeters? This means that the famed 5.0 was in actuality, a 4.9 liter. Despite this reality, Ford deemed this motor a 5.0 in 1975 and Ford fanatics have been disillusioned ever since. So why did Ford lie to their customers? Well, in the world of American muscle and V8’s, bigger is always better. That and five is a nice even number so one could argue product recognition would be eased by this rounding. To me, it seems as though Ford made the right call. I can’t even tell you how many Ford guys who have had ten mustangs tell me I’m crazy when I explain their ‘75 garage queen is a 4.9 liter rather than the 5.0 they’ve been bragging about for the last 20 years. This may…

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